Daily Internet
August 2009

My role was to develop the back-end code for the Daily.co.uk infrastructure along with building the hardware environment with my manager from the bottom up, the maintain and expand these systems.

Infrastructure included: Email platform (with anti virus and anti spam), Shared Web Hosting, Domain registration and management (all major TLDs), Internal Systems, Payment Systems, VPS, Datacenter operations, All written in mod_perl on a Linux platform.

My profile on Daily.co.uk's blog:

Harry Webster, Research & Development:
Our early bird coder, Harry is the member of the Dev team who gets up at the crack of dawn and joins the early Support shift in a darkened room – until I get in at half eight and switch the lights on! Integral to the launch of Daily, Harry applied a lot of the lessons learned with A Certain Other Web Hosting Company Which Used To Be Based in Nottingham to the development of Daily’s backend systems, with the result that we have some of the most efficient backend systems we’ve encountered.